About us


HUYSZ maakt huis-portretten in strakke zwarte lijnen. In een mooie lijst. Voor aan je eigen muur of als cadeau.

The team

NOA OTTO – 20 years

I studied marketing and communication in Amsterdam. Graphic design has always appealed to me. Drawing, coloring, being creative, I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember. It is therefore not without reason that I started drawing houses during Corona lockdowns. It started as an experiment, to prove myself to my father. Meanwhile it is so much more than just black lines on white paper.

HUYSZ started for me as a side job. To earn some extra money as a student. I wanted to do something creative: stocking shelves and washing dishes does not give me energy. It started with some drawings that I sold to family and friends. Now I am working on it full time. With Stefan’s help, HUYSZ has already grown into something I am proud of. I have a very positive outlook on the future.


Noa is my best buddy’s son. I had him in my arms as a baby, but now I have a drink or two with him, while we have nice conversations about our business. I think it is very special to set this up with him. For Noa this is his first company. He is still completely blank and sees challenges over problems. Just go and put down a nice product is his motto. Wonderful to be a part of this.

Noa Otto


Stefan Hurkmans