Housewarming gift

Housewarming cadeau

Help! Iemand in mijn familie of vriendengroep gaat verhuizen, maar wat moet ik geven als housewarming cadeau? Natuurlijk wil je een persoonlijk cadeau geven. Een cadeau dat symbool staat voor een nieuwe fase in het leven. Je wilt het persoonlijk houden, daarom is een gepersonaliseerd housewarming cadeau het ideale presentje om te geven. Geef een uniek huisportret van HUYSZ. Je kunt het proces van het huisportret zelf afronden in onze webshop Γ³f je kunt een geschenk-lijst geven waarmee de gelukkige zelf zijn/haar huisportret kan creΓ«ren samen met onze kunstenaars.

Gift new home

Your gift for the new home will hang in a beautiful place. A portrait of the parental home or the house where someone spent their student days. You can even choose to have a portrait made of the house that has just been abandoned. This housewarming gift arouses emotional and nostalgic feelings and will put a smile on the face of the recipient.

You give the best gift

Do you finally want to give the best housewarming gift? Then stop searching and go for the creative gift from HUYSZ. One thing is certain: no one else will give this as a present. It’s time to finally give someone close to you a truly original gift. Handmade and unique. Not convinced? Give it a try.

What does a HUYSZ portrait consist of?

You can recognize a HUYSZ portrait by its clean black lines. The black & white character of the portrait makes the drawing timeless. This makes it suitable for any interior. The house portrait comes with or without our premium black wooden frame. You choose. After sending your wishes you will always first receive a test design. Only when you are satisfied, we are too.

Order your personal housewarming gift today

Socks, plants, pots and vases. Those aren’t fun housewarming gifts anymore. You want to unpack and make people happy. You can do that with a personal housewarming gift. Order your gift list to give today and receive it through the letterbox within 1-2 business days. Or order the HUYSZ portrait yourself for the lucky one, this process usually takes a little longer because our artists have to make the house portrait. Please allow 5-10 working days for process and delivery time.

Ready to make someone happy?